Friday, May 14, 2010

Project Pat Mista Don't Play: Everythangs Workin' Review

1.Chikenhead featuring La Chat, DJ Paul & Juicy J
Pat uses the first verse to let some steam out bout a women who isnt that much of a catch. Then Him & Chat do a real good back on forth that sounds like a couple in a un-healthy relationship having an argument. Then Paul and Juice split the last verse for no other reason then the can and to talk shit bout some hoes maybe.

2.Out There, Pt.2 (skit)
Not a sequel to Out There but merely a skit

3.Cheese and Dope
Frantic Dark beat with Project spitting real hard like he likes to do. The North Memephis chant during the second verse is real sweet and adds to the rowdy buck atmosphere of the track.

4.Whole Lotta Weed
If there's one thing Project likes more then robbing cats (and possibly sticking guns up peoples butts) is smoking pot. Dude's flow is beyond bonkers on this track the beat is real dark and has a cloudly smoking feel to it like not only where Project, Juice, & Paul all high when this track was made but that some how the beat itself is high. P.S. the beat switch for the very last verse is a welcomed suprise.

5.Don't Save Her featuring Crunchy Black
The Video verison has Paul and Juice splitting the second verse cuz Project was in jail hence why he wasnt in the video. But on the album verision (the much better version) he has the first two verses and rips the shit outta him. The beat is real smooth and bass heavy plus Prject seems to have a knack for talking bout these trfling hoes. Crunchy comes correct with his high energy elementary style.

6.If You Aint From My Hood featuring DJ Paul & Juicy J
Projects PSA telling you that if you aint from his hood then you problly should not be there. Real dark beat with Patta talking bout snitches and what he does to them. Patrick come soff as a man not to fuck with. The beat switch in the second verse I think is a far better beat. One thing I really miss bout old Three 6 is the beat switches and the chants that are sewn into the beats. DJ Paul's verse isnt that bad as he is convining as somebody who will fuck you up. The humming during Juices verse is very spooky and enhances his 8 bars. This is a Really badass track

7.Gorilla Pimp
This is the most raw and dirty pimping tack I have ever heard. Most rappers when rapping bout pimping give a real glossy shiney verision of it. Not Project. He comes off as a cold blooded mother fucker making a bitch trick for his money. That being said the beat the hook an d even Projects charm makes this track listenable and not as bad sounding as I described it.

8.Break da Law 2001 featuring Three 6 Mafia
At this piont this was I belive the 4th verision of this song and as with the other ones this is just as rowdy. Paul's verse is very intense and will make want to punch your own grandmother in the mouth. Juicy grabs Pauls handoff and runs with it and the track picks up. Crunchy ups the anty with his intense energy, then Lord tells a story bout a kid who got picked on in high school who became and cop and still got buried by real thugs. Project bats clean up and sinks a homer with his verse and makes this track a home run for everybody involved.

9.So High featuring Lord Infamous
The second weed song on here. I think mits the better one Pat And Lord's flows fit the beat like a glove. The beat is really really really bonkers and could only of been made if Paul and Juice themselves were super baked (which I dont think is too far off from the truth). Pat & Lord's song Smokin Out off Layin Da The Smackdown is a better weed song but i'll get to that when I get to that album.

10.201 Phone Call (skit)
I dont get why this is its own track esp. cuz it bleeds into the next track shoulda juast been an intro into We Can Get Gangta then is own track.

11.We Can Get Gangsta
Rowdy Memphis gangsta buck as only Pat could do. The beat is insane intense calm and spooky all at the same time. Pat spits some raw gangsta shit this track is very good it's a shame Pat want to jail right after this album was released and didnt have a chance to really blow up (this was is best selling album selling ove a million copies) cuz the man is made talented.

12.Ski Mask featuring Crunchy Black
Project Pat. Check. Crunchy Black. Check. Spooky beat. Check. Pats flow like always is over the top and awesome. Crunchy is the fucking man he brings an unmatched energy to the tracks hes on. All around good song.

13.Life We Live featuring Namond Lumpkin & Edgar Fletcher
Real smooth introspective track from the normally gutta as all get it Project. Pat sends a touching shout out to his deceased cousin at the beginning of his second verse which was nice to hear.

14.Y'all Niggaz Ain't No Killaz, Y'all Niggaz Some Hoes
After a ramdon intro from Pat brings the heat doing what he does best spits hard strret tales over hard hitting somewhat spooky production. The harmonizing from Patta at the end was actually very sweet this was before the auto craze so Pat thankfully doesnt get his T-Pain on.

15.Ooh Nuthin'
Pat onnce again gets his pimp hand strong for this song. Best line has to be "You call me gold mouf thats what I said. Hey baby you gon' eat yo cornbread?" Project Pat rules just in case you didnt know.

16.We Ain't Scared Hoe
Rowdy dark Memphis buck beat with a chanting chorus. Paul and Juice sure knew how to make simplicity work, plus Pats flow isnt bad either. project just spitting hood shit bout how he aint scared to rough a sucka up if need be.

17.Aggravated Robbery
First off ten thousand bonus points for sampling the Carlitos Way Theme (maybe my favorite movie ever). Saying this trck goes hard in an understatement Pat is almost scary on this track plus the beat bangs like a motherfucker. The bridge before the third verse where Pat robs two bitches was a nice touch too.

18.North, North
Same track as the North, North on Muerders & Robbers only this on is a minute shorter and cleaner sounding. Still knocks though.

19.Fuckin' with the Best featuring The Hypnotize Camp Posse
A fucking badass hard as hell posse cut. Crunchy starts things off with a bang man sure did understand how to do more with less. Lord is a very overlooked rapper dude murked his verse. Chat proofs once again that shes just as har dif not more then must dudes out on the streets. Juice sticks to what he knows Booze Tuss and weed. paul does his standerd posse cut verse dissing those who have left the camp. Pats slow syrupy verse drips all over this track dude is anther overlooked mc like Lord. And T-rock closes off the song with a very intense verse Dude shoulda done more in the game dude could spit.

20.Mission Impossible (Pt. 5 Million) (Outro)
Standerd HCP outro with Paul and Juice drank rambling off shills and what not.
Same track as mastered and cleaner sounding

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Project Pat Murderers & Robbers Review

Bunch of shouting Memphis nieghborhoods over a soul song

2.North North
Same song as the song with the same title on Mista Dont Play. But this is more of a complilation of unreleased and remastered older songs then it is actually al album so it gets a pass. The one on Mista Dont Play is mixed better and this verision has Juicy ranting at the end so extanding the traack a minute longer then it is on Mista Dont Lpay

3.I Get da Chewin
Real smooth lay backed beat with Patta spitting some mack shit. One of the remastered older songs that was on Projects 94 underground album The Solo Day still pretty good but wouldnt fit on one projects albums hence being here.

4.Ridin on Chrome featuring T-Rock
A shorter verision of this song appears on the Choices soundtrack sans T-Rocks verse. I actually like this verision better (and the one on the Choices soundtrackis one my favorite songs) because T-Rocks verse is that good. Man was made underrated and underused llike I said in my Ghetty Green write-up T-Rock shoulda had a a "real" HCP solo album (same with Crunchy and his two "albums") and not Rock Soild 4:20.

5.This Ain't No Game featuring S.O.G.
One of the older track on here featuring S.O.G. (Sawed Off Gangsta) who along with Lil Glock is spending the rest of his life in prison for first degree murder. Real spookey bea that samples Triggerman. Project sounds mad young on here and his flow is slightly different then it is now and S.O.G. sounds pretty good could of held his own with the Prophet Posse.

6.Bitch Smackin Killa featuring Juicy J
Another remasted Solo Tape track per usual spooky beat. juice and Pat sound very young, Hope That Play Me Some Pimpin collab album by Juice and Pat come sout this year these two have great chemistry together (their Brothers) and make sweet tracks together so that album is long overdue.

7.Murderers & Robbers featuring Lord Infamous & DJ Paul
Paul's old calm smooth eerie flow though he was talking bout some pretty intense gangsta shit was cool back in the day dont know way he switched it up on Chapter two (fuck and now he just yells) Lord channels the dark arts in his verse like he use to back in the uderground days. Being that the 1994 verision's of Paul and Lord are on this song this is maybe the most intense and rowdy song on the album. Pat brings the heat spitting street shit like only he can.

8.Red Rum
My favorite track on the album. Spookey and badass beat, plus Project spits some dark dense street tales on this a win win. Shame its only two verses wonder how it would sound with three verses (thats one of my biggest gripes with three 6 too tracks that could have a third verse dont).

9.Fuck a Bitch featuring Juicy
Another Pat and Juciy collab is a plus and their them rapping bout women in a way not so friendly to oppisite sex. simplistic but effective beat thats heavy on the beat and samples Too Short (guess what word). Da Juicemane and Project Patta spit some explict pimp raps.

10.Easily Executed
on par with Red Rum as a track dealing with dark dense street tales but unlike Red Rum I think its fine with only two verses. Raw spooky beat that fits the lyrics which are great as is normal with Patrick. A really good song but I like Red Rum better.

11.Puttin Hoez on da House featuring DJ Paul, Lord Infamous, Lil Glock & S.O.G.
Being thats theres five people on the tracka nd no hook i consider it a posse cut (which it is) Real chill track with a funky guitar riff everybody is on top of there game cant get over how young everybody sounds. Lil Glock and S.O.G could have been sweet Posse members too bad that poor decisions made that impossible. This is my second favorite track its the type of track u would play while chilling outside on a sunny afternoon drinking beer.

Just Juicey plugging albums that are already out or coming out (some still havent came out) for what this album was which was a compilation off two tracks that would later be released but sound slightly different here and 8 tracks that were on an ealier realese its very good it's not a proper follow up to Ghetty green (Mista Dont Play is) but shouldnt and isnt viewed as one

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Baby Fast Money Review

Just some good ol' ramblin by The Birdman baby (he's fly in any weather dont cha know).

2.My Territory
Baby makes mention of Stunna Island and its the first of many on this album so that begs the question What and/or where is Stunna island? But back to the track the bet is really good. Plus Baby makes something with what he's working with (which isnt much).

3.Neck of the Woods featuring Lil Wayne
Wayne before he fell off (same with Baby). I really like Waynes mumbling on the hook fits the beat. Then Baby brings it the only way he can. The beat is really good and both Baby and Wayne ride it really well.

4.Ghetto Life featuring Bun B & 6 Shot
Am I the only person who realized that bay's first album also featured a song title Ghetto Life? Back this song is really actually so far there hasnt been a bad song. Bun B does what b=bun does which is sopits a tight ass verse. 6 Shot has the best performence (man's flow is something else entirely. And I really like that Baby has a flow (as much as I like Atrice's old talk flow it can get old).

5.Hug Da Block
Mannies first beat on the album and it's the best album on the best album so far. Baby rides this beat like no other really his best showing so far. This track also features the first of many skits at the end of tracks. This skit sets up a Baby and a pal going to "take care of somebody".

6.Cash Money Niggas featuring Lil Carl & Magnolia Chop
The last track was really good but this track is better. Whoever Lil Carl is he fuckin rocks this track really hard (his line "it's Sunday morning and we all gone off to church" cracks me up everytime). Chop on the hook makes this track that much better. Baby's verse just adds to the the track. the Beat rocks too. One of my favorite tracks on the album.

7.Shovlin' Snow featuring Curren$y, Mack Maine & Lil Wayne
Curren$y went from being a (New) No Limit Soldier to a (Young) Cash Money Millionaire to wearing skinny jeans. Though non of that stops him from having the best verse with lines like "Curren$y been a G since back in the g, since PNC did Pump Da Party and Soulja Slim laced his first pair of Ree's". This is Mack Maines first apperence on a Cash Money record (any record maybe?) he does an ok job following Curren$y. Baby has a good verse. I like Wayne's verse but with his talking before his rapping it semms like his vocals were added later on and the track coulda ended after baby's verse.

8.Pressure's On
Baby's 3rd solo (3rd of 5) which is different from his first solo which feature only 3 solo's and 23 artists. But off topic rambling aside its a good song I like the beat and Baby keeps your attention for 3 verses. The Skit and the end starts where the othe one left off Bay and his buddy shot a man at a card game.

9.Get It All Together featuring Lil Wayne
Another one of my favorite tracks off the album. Wayne dominates this tack in agood way he put son a get performence. Its technically a Baby son g but Wayne has two verses. I dont mind cuz Baby acts as if his lone verse is the last verse of his life so he bring's the fuckin heat , withen the relms of his capibilties (I had to get a backhanded compliment in there somewhere).

10.We Got That featuring 6 Shot
Stacking tow fucking awesome songs on top of each other was agodd fucking look. this beat is something fucking else (in a good way). 6 shot takes this beat and runs away with and Baby's slurred slow flow fits this song very well.

11.Smoke Out featuring Tateeze, Magnolia Chop & 6 Shot
Tateeze has a very good verse she mentions Stunna Island amoung other things. Chop does a good job on the hook. The beatb is very laid back as a good weed song's beat should. Baby stays on topic (which has proved to bad hard for him) and raps bout weed like he knows what he's taling bout what more can you ask a rapper too do. Like The other two tracks Shot's been on he has the stand out showing. The man shoulda had a fucking Cash Money album (as with a whole lot of other peopl).

12.Big Pimpin'
Good Baby solo not as good as My Territory, Hug Da Block or Pressure's On but still a good track.

13.Out the Ghetto featuring Magnolia Chop
Short but sweet the most introspective Baby get son the album (and he doesnt get that introspective at all actually) its more of a Chop showcase.

14.Around the World
I really like the sample. Correction to Out the Ghetto this is the most introspective in his own way Baby gets on the albuand its nice to hear him talking bout his homie's and other thing not just "hood shit" or not trusting hoes or what he has and what you dont .All things I liked bout old Baby but this song is a breath of fresh air. The skit at the end is the goofiest fucking shit ive ever heard bout taking off a rubber.

15.Solid Chic featuring Lil Mo
Very chuill laid back track bout your down ass bitch also its the first Mannie beat in ten songs (dont worry thios track and the last two are Mannie beats). I like this song alot not one of my fav's but I do like it.

16.We Getting It On featuring Mannie Fresh
Really its the last Big Tymers track and they Do what they do best talk bout bitche sthey fucked with humor. Mannie remixed the Still Fly beat to great results this track is up there with Hug Da Block, Cash Money Niggas, Get It All Together & We Got as one of my favorite tracks on the album.

17.Get Your Shine On featuring Lil Wayne
Yup on of my favorite tracks as well. reall good way to end the album Weezy and Atrice bring it. I also like how they remade the B.G. Song Get Yo Shine On (which Bay is on).

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Meth, Ghost & Rae Wu Massacre Review

1.Criminology 2.5
The leaked verision that was Criminology 2 with the second Ghost verse and the Meth verse was awesome. Ilked it alot, this verision not so much something is missing and its rae's contribution. If the leaked verision was on the album id say it was a great way to kickoff the album but this just sounds incomplete.

2.Mef vs. Chef 2
A fun little back and forth between Meth and Chef over an epic Mathematics beat. In that sense its a sweet track. But when compaired to the first incernation of the trackt hat wa s abattle between Meth and rae ove rwho would be on a 36th Chambers track this track doesnt hold up.

3.Ya Moms (skit)
A funny little back in forth skit where Rae and meth tell ya moms jokes. Meth takes in with "ya moms got three fuckin teeth one in her mouth two in her pocket."

4.Smooth Sailing Remix featuring Streetlife Solomon Childs
I really like the beat and Ghost fucking rips the track to pieces with his verse. Solomons hook isnt bad and Meth has a sweet verse. I really like Street's verse which is a play on the cln's members names.

5.Our Dreams
The first single and lone Rza beat. I really like the Michael Jackson sample. Meth, ghost and Rae get their lover boys on and I like it.

6.Gunshowers featuring Sun God & Inspetah Deck
Really like the beat I like the intensity everybody brings to the track thought I dont know why Rae wasnt on the track (same goes for Smooth Sailing). Ghost might of had a head cold the day he recorded his verse and his son Sun God is good just a shame that he will be forever compaired to his father (those are very big shoes to fill). Deck's verse proves that he can still rap just cant make an album though some rappers where nver ment to make solo's . Some rappers are ment to in groups thats not a knock just the truth.

My favorite track on the album. Beats is ten shades of great and Rae makes up for lost time. Ghost rips the track in half agian with his verse (the internets already starting rumors over hwoes he talking bout. Is it Shyhiem? Or is it Superb?) I also like Meths verse alot too. i actually like all three of their verses alot this track just works on all levels.

8.Pimpin' Chipp
Another Ghost storytelling track. Man has a real knack for them. He should write crime novels. I'd buy them. P.S. I really like the horns on here.

9.How to Pay Rent (skit)
Short and sweet skit where Tracy Morgan brings the funny.

Meth, Ghost and Rae get there lover boys on again. This time its over a smooth and soulful Mathematics beat.

11.Youngstown Heist featuring Trife Da God, Sheek Louch & Bully
Very epic beat the fits the storytelling on this track like a glove. I like the concept of Ghost with his protege and the Sheek with his protege.

12.It's That Wu Shit
Not really diggin this beat but Ghost and Meth try their hardest to make it work. Underwhelming ending to sadly an underwhelming album that had its moments.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Project Pat Ghetty Green Review

1.North Memphis
One verse wonder over a hardhitting beat that introduces Project Pat and sets the tone for the album very well.

2.Repersent featuring Juicy J, DJ Paul & N.O.R.E.
Very uptempo rowdy beat that has a marching band feel to it. Everybody involed (even N.O.R.E.) do a good job getting you jacked and ready for whatever you are a bout to do (get in a fight, get drunk, or applieing for a bank loan). Plus I really like N.O.R.E.'s reference to the Big Tymers song Stun'n and how the beat switches up sounding like soldiers marching during Juicy J's verse. All and all a very good very amped song.

3.Out There
Sometimes mistakingly and wrongfully called and refeered to as "Blunt To My Lips" is a very good track where pat proves he aint to fucked with over a very simple yet spookey beat.

4.Niggas Got Me Fucked Up
Project once a gian proving he isnt a bitch over a very smooth beat with a funky guitar riff and heavy bass.

5.You Know the Biss
Project Pat running down how it is where he is from and the harsh reality's of the streets in the unique way only he could over a funky soul sample.

I really like the sample on this. Project tells the tale of a hustler and how it isnt that fun and how he is happy with the choices he made because they got him where his with an album out and money in his pocket, but he wont stop hustlin' for all he can get. Real cool beat switch up halfway during the second verse.

7.Ballers featuring Gangsta Boo
The first and only single and video from the album. Hard hitting beat and Pat (and Boo for that matter) brings his a game for this track. as always his flow is second to known.

8.Run a Train
Title says it all. Hook samples Slob On My Knob. Not a bad song just who want's to hear Project Pat rap about running a train? the intro at the beginnig is a lil to much (I really didnt need to hear Project fuck a bitch).

9.Rinky Dink/Whateva Ho featuring Hypnotize Camp Posse
After a goofey skit the posse cut gets underway. I liked when the posse cuts were in the middle or the beginnig of the albums but I see why the ended up at the end near the end of HCP's run. Oh you want to hear bout the track, dark rowdy beat as one expects from his posse cut's. Plus everybody brings all the have. Crunchy takes what he has to work with (which is a elementary skill set) and brings the gully, Lord's intesity is really good as well. T-Rock might have the best verse, shame he never got a real solo album (running theme on Hypnotize Mind's Records). I also really like the it's whateva whateva ho chant before Project's verse which fittingly is the last one.

10.Up There featuring Krayzie Bone & Raw Dawg
Find it funny that the track that was a truce between Bone Thugs and Three 6 wasnt a track between the two parties. But a weed song between Pat and Krayzie and Gangsta Boo's little brother Raw Dawg, still its a good song I like the eerieness of the beat. Pat and Krayzie bring it and Raw Dawg isnt that bad.

11.Rinky Dink II/We're Gonna Rumble
Another goofey skit. Then my favorite track of the album kicks in I like the simplicty of the beat then that painio roll comes in and then the sax during the hook make this beat epic. Plus Projects raw, grimey lyrics reassure you Project Patta is bout what he talks about.

12.Choppers featuring B.G. & Baby
Cash Money Collab time! B.G. like Pat only knows one way just like Project. Its cool to hear them both on a track together and niether dissapoint. I really like the beat and Damn who couldnt love the the ridiculousness of Baby verse in 1999 (the Atrice Era)?

13.Gold Shine featuring Three 6 Mafia
Like the dark tone to a flossin track. A different direction but well executed. Project's whole personna is that of a gully street cat who even when its sunny out is still in rainy wheather so the track works in that since. I also find Paul Juice Boo and Cruch all spitting four bars during the 2nd verse pretty cool.

14.Ghetty Green
Project Pat talking bout getting money by any means. The man's desperation for money & nonchalant tone in talking bout packing gat's and robbin and killin his buddies mom's for money make this song more dark then most "gotta get money tracks". But then agian Project Patta the skull cracka isnt your average gangster rapper.

15.Sucks on Dick featuring Juicy J
Another track that samples Slob On My Knob. I like this one better beat, better premise and I really like Da Juicemane's verse, Projects verse isnt nothing to shake a stick at either.

16.Shake That Ass
Short but sweet track bout women folk who shack their behind's and the things project does with and to them. Very cool beat. I could see this being a couple strippers songs down south back in the day.

17.Stabbers featuring Crucial Conflict
my second favorite track of the album. love the sample love the beat plus pat and his guests talk bout back stabbing friend with such conviction that you can tell they've dealt with the subject more then once.

18.Slangin' Rocks featuring Gangsta Boo
Really like the beat plus Project's flow like always rules.

Project Pats unique take on snitches 'nuff said

20.Ballers [Cash Money Mix]/(Outro) featuring Baby, Hot Boys & Tear Da Club Up Thugs
I really like this remix all the Hot Boys, Project, Juicy, Lord, and even Paul are on point. Baby is Baby. The Beat also knocks hard. Wish there was a video for this as I like it better then the original.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Danger Doom The Mouse & The Mask Review

1.El Chupa Nibre
The infamous track that kick started the Doom/Grimm fued sadly with the midgets into crunk line. Listening to the track with that on my mind, it could be a diss towards The Monsta Island Czars. Smooth beat regardless. Master Shake at the end was funny as he is throughout the album.

2.Sofa King
Danger Mouse's beats are impecable throughtout the album, so is Dooms rapping. And this track is no execption.

3.The Mask featuring Ghostface Killah
Badass beat, badass sample, badass rapping. This track is pure badass, Doom & Ghost rapping bout wearing maskes, ive said it before and i'll say it agian damn shame Swift & Changable will never see the light of day Ghost and Doom have "it" when together.

4.Perfect Hair
Song about Perfect Hair Forever a show a never seen good track regardless. Im loving Danger Mouse's smooth soulful beat. theres some crazy Master Shake ranting at the end which is funny.

5.Benzie Box featuring Cee-Lo
Cee-Lo's hook is the bee's knees on this track Doom brings his weird a-game. fucking awesome beat too.

6.Old School featuring Talib Kweli
Nice uptempo 70's sounding beat. With Talib rapping bout watching cartoons as a youngster. Doom sticks to his guns with strange non sequitur's and it works like 9times outta 10.

7.A.T.H.F. (Aqua Teen Hunger Force)
A great absurd intro from Carl and Meatwad lead us into a song bout one of my favorite tv shows over a sweet guiter riff of a beat. I really enjoy how Shake gets more and more crazy with each phone message.

8.Basket Case
really like the Harvey Birdman samples and doom rapping bout being crazy is amuzing and the down tempo beat fits the theme.

9.No Names (Black Debbie)
Beat is bad as hell on this track, so is Doom rapping's which is him hitting on a broad.

real smooth beat on this one, I think I heard a violin. The rapping like the rest of the album is great too.

11.Mince Meat
Real bare bones drum and bass beat fits perfectly with Dooms flow on this track.

12.Vats of Urine
really jazzy beat for a song bout the Mooninites.

13.Space Ho's
Any song bout Space Ghost Coast To Coast is a friend of mine

14.Bada Bing
My favorite track on the album besides The Mask. Its the best beat plus it features Shakes craziest message and Meatwad rapping the first verse of beef rap as a bonus the end.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Doom Born LIke This Review

1.Supervillain Intro
Epic beat to single to return of a 4 year absence aside from a couple guest spots here and there. Then vocals from a "supervillain" that are reaccuring throughout the album

2.Gazzillion Ear
Sweet Dilla beat for a great return to form track for Doom. Classic Doom non sequitur's. I personally like the beat change up in the middle then the return back to the original beat for the last sterch, kinda unique like Doom himself.

The first track to be released boy was I pumped when I first heard it, still like it short but sweet. BTW Jake One might be the most versatile producer out today really look at who he's worked with.

4.Yessir! featuring Raekwon
A Raekwon solo for no other reason then why not. Really har dbeat and hard verse from Shallah. Return of the "supervillain" at the end and some sweet ass samples of some cop show I think.

The return of Madvillain is nice. Pumped for the new Madvillian album hope it is released this year, but back on topic Madlib may have never made a bad it this beat is gritty yet smooyth and fits Doom's style like a glove. Sweet sample of a cop show at the end fits into Dooms supervillain persona well.

6.Rap Ambush
More cop show samples work as an intro into this track. The 2nd of 4 Jake One beats on this album really slick beat too. another short but sweet track Doom says what he has to say and doesnt stick around after he's said it.

Another Dilla beat. Too bad Doom didnt work with Dilla before Jay Dee's untimely passing those two coulda made an insane collab album.

8.Batty Boyz
The Batman diss that people took as homophobic. As doom said in an interview he's a supervillain so his rivals arent other rappers but superheros. So if you get the joke its a pretty funny joke he rips Batman and Robin anew one over a frantic fastpaced beat.

9.Angelz featuring Ghostface Killah
The same GhostDoom track that was on the Nature Sounds Compilation 3 1/2 years ago but slightly shorter with a slightly altered beat this time around vocals the same though. Regardless tracks still beyond awesome. Shame Swift & Changable will never see the light of day cuz if this song and the mask where any inducation it would be an awesome album. Oh yeah the Mr. T vocal samples at the end was a fun addition to the song.

After a long intro of Charles Bukowski reading "Dinosauria, We" we get a hard ass Doom verse over a hard ass somewhat abstract beat. Doom is really back on his lyrically A-game on this album. The 1960's Fantastic Four sample at the end of this track was a welcomed return.

11.Still Dope featuring Empress Stahhr Tha Femcee
Not a fan of this Empress Stahhr Tha Femcee solo track. She saids like a 13 year old boy to me. It just doesnt work for me, sweet beat though but a waste of a sweet beat though.

12.Microwave Mayo
Dense Doom lyrics over a Jake One beat that i think uses an organ so yes this song is awesome.

13.More Rhymin'
another short Doom sayswhat he has to say and is out track over the final Jake One beat on the album

14.That's That
Liked the laid beat beat. People on the internet where complaining when this came out that its a beat from the Special Herbs instrumental series. But is that what instrumentals are for to be rapped over? Doom's off key singing at the end is funny and cool.

15.Supervillainz featuring Kurious, Slug & Mobonix
A posse cut that is under 3 minutes. It's a fun lil schoolyard rapping for shits and giggles posse cut from guys who are talented and good when just fucking around so this is a sweet song, Plus Posdnuos as P-Pain is fuuny. Kurious and Doom rapping together agian is nice. If only Doom and Grimm could make ammends.

16.Bumpy's Message
Literally this is a positive message Bumpy Knuckles left on Doom's answering machine. I hope this means Doom and Knuckles are buddies that would be the bee's knees. God a message from Bumpy but keeping your head up is funny as shit cuz even when he's hasppy Freddie is still grimey as fuck.

17.Thank Yah
Instrumental outro that im almost certain samples a gospel song. no other wayt o end this album.

When this album was first annouced and came out I was expecting Dooms return to the top of underground abstract rap. i forgot like many other did that Doom doesnt do the expected he does what he wants (hence the album bout food and his othe r absurd side projects) so after listening to this album a couple times ive come to apperciate it for what it is a short but sweet album from a man who can rap his ass off and does rap his ass off while also having a ton of fun and never taking himself too (if at all) serious, its an enjoyable album when looked that way. And at this point in Dooms career whenn hes doing promotional spots for upcoming Boondocks episodes and other shit with Adult Swim thats all Doom needs to do.